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    Youthist wrote:
    The main issue is not the teeth going rotten, it's the gums. The gums start to recede as you get older, and you also can get issues with the plaque eroding the bone that the teeth sit in.

    Over time, your teeth grow more crooked (hence older people having more crooked teeth you may have noticed) as they have more room to sprout off in different directions due to less bone casing to sit in. Then eventually, if the plaque erodes enough of the bone that the teeth sit, they will start to go loose and then all your teeth fall out.

    Once the bone erodes there is no way to "get it back" - when it's gone, it's gone.

    Note that some folk are more susceptible to bone erosion from plaque than others. Some folk can go all their lives and not have an issue with plaque eroding the bones their teeth sit in and don't "need" the dentist as regularly.

    Other folk (me, as an example) need to have regular work done on the teeth (every 12 weeks) to ensure plaque is not burrowing down into the bone under the gums, eroding it and causing all the teeth to fall out when still relatively young.

    Carry on taking the risks though, you kids !

    There's being careful, and then there's having an issue. :)
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