#5624253, By neonemesis Twilight Princess still looks REALLY F*CKING good

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    Genji wrote:
    I guess there's a reason for all the hostility in this thread, but even so I'd advise that people need to tone it down a bit.

    And I think TP still looks quite good. If it was cel shaded, though, it would age far better, I reckon. The cartoony look lasts much longer.

    Definitely true.

    I still think that TP is a great looking game in terms of last-gen software. My personal opinion is that as games get better and better looking, the more impressive last-gen stuff might still look pretty acceptable in years to come unlike say some of the 32 bit era games.

    Resident Evil 4 for example may have been superceded but there's nothing you can really knock about it's visuals even though they are technically outdated.
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