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    mikew1985 wrote:
    mowgli wrote:
    mikew1985 wrote:
    In the past when base Android was a bit, well, basic, you could understand the likes of HTC and Samsung putting their own skins on top. However, the pure android OS is so much improved now that it is actually prettier than a lot of these clunky skins, not to mention its more functional due to less bloat running in the background.

    It's time for Samsung et al to cut out the shite custom skins now and go pure Android.

    Also go back to iphone mowgli, Android clearly isn't for you.
    Now why is that?

    You know it is possible to point out the problems in something while still liking it.
    Fair enough, just seems to me that you are constantly frustrated rather than enthused by the Android experience.

    We are all aware of the issues of fragmentation - but generally speaking this is not a big problem for the majority of apps except when you go back a couple of generations of Android devices. For example my Desire is basically useless in relation to any current or newly released apps, but thats fine imo as its a three year old piece of hardware. It still runs everything else it always ran.
    I do get frustrated by it. I can be just starting to love the phone - spend ages customising it all and getting it set up just the way I like it and then boom something goes wrong. Still, it's a good OS and a welcome change from iOS.

    See, your Desire absolutely shouldn't be useless if it is only three years old. That is insane. People go on about Apple products being outdated every year, but they aren't at all.

    Anyway, what does your homescreen look like? Just finished mine: http://i.imgur.com/5Yd2IfF.jpg and rather happy with it. I've turned off the notification bar (still on in lockscreen).

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