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    Aretak wrote:Then why don't you choose not to believe it and fuck off? Are you just sticking around to tell everyone how fake you think it is? Will you even bother to return and say thanks if it does prove to be accurate? Or just slink off back to HUKD and never post again?
    I'm sticking around to try and prove that its fake. If it was accurate, it'd be awesome, but this seems like an obviously fake list. The deals thus far were: free Avatar Glasses; half-price Worms 2; half-price Indie Game (or Lips DLC for Europeans); then today's Killer Klowns film. To believe that from that fairly unimpressive list of deals and low-status content that Microsoft would suddenly offer a shedload of great price cuts on mainly XBLA games is just ridiculous.

    It's very doubtful that MS would do such a limited-time and lowly-publicised offer on that mainly XBLA games, especially when they such high profile and successful games. They would make far more money using the DotW's as opposed to these daily deals due to the publicity.

    The complete lack of source is also very questionable, especially considering that there has been a couple instances in the thread of people asking about it. That is definitely fishy.

    Btw, I don't know what HUKD is :S

    I'm not trying to point out how fake it is just to seem smart or any shit like this, I just don't want people getting their hopes up and falling for such blatant fakery.

    Lukey__b wrote:
    Well.... the list has been spot on so far. So it can't be entirely fake.
    The first post in the thread was AFTER that day's deal was announced. So the first two deals in the OP are correct because they were already announced by Microsoft, and the post came afterwards.
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