#12099255, By Sponz Too late to start playing piano?

  • Sponz 5 Jan 2018 19:36:05 700 posts
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    What is your start/mid/end game here?

    You say you want classic analog synth sounds, but you won't have a pooter to sequence it with. Are you just going to be playing manually/live? Otherwise you're going to need a sequencer as well.

    Couple of people above mentioned the new Juno keyboards, which are good for performance in that that they built in sequencing, sampling and sound modules all in the one box. (I believe they have SuperNatural synth engines in them, the same as the Integra-7 I mentioned.) - But they're not going to give you the same analogue feeling as a dedicated analogue synth like from the Dave Smith stable.

    I generally use a PC running Cubase for sequencing, recording notes and composing as I can't play for toffee.
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