#5644753, By zErOb_cOOl Blu-ray format sales disappointing so far

  • zErOb_cOOl 26 Dec 2009 10:16:01 3,237 posts
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    otto wrote:
    Law of diminishing returns, innit? Lots of reasons why people aren't too keen on blu-ray:

    (1) it's obviously a transitional technology so why spend big money on something you won't use in two or three years' time?

    (2) is the visual quality really that much better than DVD? Really I couldn't give a shit, good films were good films when I watched them on our crappy old black and white telly that took five minutes to warm up; a shit film on blu-ray is just a more expensive shit film.

    Really I wish the industry would start investing a bit more in the quality of the FILMS and a bit less in the quality of the visuals. People will buy blu-ray when there's a compelling reason to do so not just because the industry tells them it's the latest expensive upgrade they *must have*.

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