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    Nothing really justifies piracy

    Only piracy is being defined as 'unauthorized reproduction'. Making a copy of something you have bought legitimately is also an unauthorized reproduction and I do it frequently. I don't consider this wrong, does anyone here?

    The next step up from this is downloading something which you have not paid for and which the person holding the rights to has not authorized. I think this is where the contentious part begins. Some people download stuff with no intention of going to buy it. Others download it like a 'try before you buy' and if they consider the product 'worth it' they will then go and buy for real. Those with vested business interests claim that 'sales are being lost' even though there is no convincing way to prove that someone would have bought something legitimately without the illegal option. Those farthest on the other side of the fence consider it 'their right' to take whatever they can get and claim no damage is coming to those who seek to make a living off creating things.

    The next step up from this are those people who make illegitimate copies of works to sell for profit. I think this is the least contentious area, as most people would consider it wrong.
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