#5646500, By freakzilla ding dong the cell is dead HAHAHAHAHA

  • freakzilla 27 Dec 2009 07:31:04 69 posts
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    Oh man this is hilarious, after all the hype, marketing and fanboy arguments the cell is dead.

    Why didn't they listen to the devs before? I'm sure a lot of the internal studios were not pleased with the cell choice.

    Such a shame, I actually thought the cell would've had a brighter future.

    Edit: What's gonna happen to BC?
    Edit: still just speculation though
    massive rant incoming:

    Actually when you think about it the PS3 should be the best technical achievement (for game consoles) by a mile. They have several game studios who could advise the hardware engineers on how best to make a dev friendly console, the bravia people could've chipped in and helped design a console that would work well with HDTVs, their walkman people could have advised on the best sound hardware and of the three Sony should have the best understanding of the manufacturing process and be able to manufacture much more efficiently than MS and nintendo.
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