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    Hey you. Yeah, you. Sitting there all comfortable, enjoying the fruits of the labours of others. Cosy are we? Got yourself a nice cup of tea?

    Well, it's about time you bucked your ideas up and gave something back, God-dammit - your website needs YOU.

    Specifically we need you to kill, dismember and destroy, albeit under the strict constraints and reality distancing of a session or two of 256 player online shooter MAG.

    MAG's reputation probably precedes it. Incredibly ambitious in its huge scale and structure, MAG hopes to offer a truer-to-life experience than any previous team shooter. Luckily it draws the line at actual wounding, although feel free to give your thigh a nasty pinch whenever you get shot if you're feeling especially adventurous.

    Firstly, you'll probably need some practice, so get yourself signed up to and involved in, the MAG open beta which is currently running on PSN. Then you'll need to mess around with the factions, finding your favourite, and decide which PMC you want to represent Eurogamer's interests abroad.

    Once everyone has picked team colours and duffed each other to the point of surrender we'll be skimming the top 64 players from the creamy churn, selecting only the quickest, sharpest and most shootiest of contenders. These lucky, plucky few will then need to get themselves to London where they'll be squaring up to a team picked from the population of a massively inferior and probably a bit soft website and literally competing for their lives. Or social lives. If you happen to have a circle of friends comprised entirely of people who really care about how good you are at shooting imaginary things. Also there will be prizes.

    Anyway, glory, honour and the justification of Eurogamer fanboyism awaits. Sadly this is limited to UK residents only, which completely knackers our dream of an international task force of Special Ops. supermen like in that film with Dolph Lundgren. Shame.

    The invites have gone out!
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