#9128017, By Bond 23 (Skyfall)

  • Deleted user 4 November 2012 19:39:22
    Trowel wrote:
    Usual Bond, usual problems. What grated most for me was, as brilliant as Bardem's villain was when he was monologuing, his otherwise meticulous plan to kill M - from capturing Bond, to being captured himself and the extraordinary escape with perfect timing on the hacking, police uniform pickup, explosives, collection in the police van, etc - all boiled down to having a random shootout in a courtroom full of MI6 agents and police. Why the fuck would you plan that as a finale?

    Odd. Otherwise enjoyable nonsense as usual.
    Good point, that struck me at the time but I forgot about it. Not to mention he hesitated rather blatantly instead of firing. I suppose him shooting her in public potentially was the point?
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