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    Saw this last night. Was unimpressed, and at times, thought it was a mess. I was expecting it to be good, with Sam Mendes behind it and American Beauty and Road to Perdition in mind. Numerous plot holes and inconsistencies aside, which are par for the course in a Bond film, I was also expecting it to be restrained, and following the trend of being generally ground in reality, which was one of the positives.

    But it just felt very laboured and plodding to me, and several times my mind actually wondered off. Silvaís interrogation and escape scenes till his true objective was revealed were the best parts of the film, but the home alone scene that followed was quite dull. Naomie Harris as Moneypenny is cool though, very charismatic, likewise Fiennes is decent as the new M. Qís not bad as well. I liked Ben Whishaw from The Hour, it was a good choice.

    I didnít mind QoS, sure it wasnít brilliant, but imo solid and better than I thought it would be (the trailers made it look like a poor version of Bourne on steroids), and this 1st viewing of Skyfall makes it look even better! Then again being indifferent to Casino Royale at the cinema, and years later watching it on tv and changing my mind, means a rewatch of Skfyall should be interesting. But I can already tell this isnít as good as CR.

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