#5688635, By paulfurn What do PC gamers think of console gamers?

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    bracken3000 wrote:
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    As a PC gamer first and foremost (as in I'll buy games for my PC before the PS3 and 360) I dont really have anything against console gamers... not on eurogamer anyway :)

    I guess this sort of attitude dates back years ago, e.g. PC gamers could be arsed configuring extended DOS memory etc (Elite:Frontier I'm looking at you!!!) and people who just wanted to play got a Ps1. Retards. (...sorry only being an arse :-) Really though, I had a 486/DX66 lol ... now who is the arse!

    I tried to get my console gamer friends into the likes of Deus Ex in later years but they said "oh no, I cant, cant control the mouse, too many options.." etc... but TBH things/gamers have changed a lot over the years.

    I guess people with some sort of technical competence will build a rig with cracking specs and amazing visuals for enjoyment of the likes of Crysis (poor example, I know) but the mainstream peeps will buy a 360 with decent gfx and enjoy their game too.

    Me, I like the bleeding egde tech side, but I build and sell and I guess always will, with PC's anyway, and love the "gorgeous" eye candy that bleeding edge (read rip off brand new component ;-) tech brings.

    I love PC gaming, and TBH used to think console gamers where retards who didnt know what to do, but the demographic has changed in such a way over the past years that view is well and truly out of date.

    ok, i get it. I never really got into the PC tech part, with graphic upgrades and sound cards so i guess i picked the easy way out. If you really into you PC as in knowing each part and such, i guess you love it and what it offers.

    Im not sure if its even a PC tech thing, maybe just an experience type thing; I had a Commodore 64 until one day, by way of chance my mum, dad, auntie and I were in Tandy and looking at a Commodore Amiga... three foot away a gent and his missus overheard me salivating over said Amiga and said he had his for sale... so (and I still cant believe this) we followed him and his missus back to a nice estate in Chester and bought it that night for half the price of a new one.

    Got it home, set it up... "The Killing Game Show" by Psygnosis (who I ended up working for!!!) was the first game.. couldnt believe the music, then "Shadow of the beast"... I think those two games inspired me as they were cutting edge back then, hence, I guess, my obsession with sound and visuals!

    Your experience may vary (YEMV) as they say :-) ...
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