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    Lost Odyssey. You can't save anywhere, but it's about the best platform exclusive JRPG on the 360. It's about as final fantasy as is possibler without having the worlds 'final' and 'fantasy' in the title. The little girl involved is fairly un-annoying, and is part of a brother-sister combo voiced by the person who does Phil and Lil off the Rugrats. Female lead is sassy and not a real J RPG stereotype. Characters and story are good. And you should be able to get it cheap now.

    Have read that load times are improved considerably with a hard disk install. I played it without and wasn't bothered.

    Didn't like Star Ocean. It's one big JRP stereotype and has the most irritating female characters ever. I really wanted to punch them. It felt like it was made to attract the Japanese faithful, rather than with a view to moving the series (or genre) on. It was a wasted opportunity.
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