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    Jozzy wrote:
    I was most interested in Lost Odyssey, but I think I read somewhere that save points can be more than one hour in between, is that correct?

    Can anyone give me a quick lowdown of Lost Odyssey versus Tales of Vesperia?

    I wouldn't say an hour in between but they're not that close together. Longer than you're required "15 minutes apart"

    Unfortunately i can't say anything on ToV because i haven't played it but i can give you the lowdown on Lost Odyssey. I would say it's a decent introduction to the JRPG series. It contains many of the things that essentially define the genre for many, turn based combat, random battles, things like that. It's also got a great dev team and that does show. The story is really quite nice but it does take a while to get into. I've yet to finish it but i'm thoroughly enjoying it right now. The plot seems a lot more intriguing than other JRPGs - it involves a fair amount of politics and some really cool emotional twists.

    What i'd also say is very good about it is it's simply yet very good battle system. I find that a lot of JRPGs just add gimmicks to the turn based system to make it better. Now sure LO has the ring system but essentially its just a very basic turn based system - done very very well. What may seem like a simple random battle may involve a lot of strategy using all the knowledge you have mustered thus far.
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