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    itamae wrote:
    Scimarad wrote:
    Vesperia is head and shoulders above all the other current JRPGs. It's a proper JRPG.
    This. Lost Odyssey would be okay if they reduced the enemy HP to 50% and sped up the pre-battle load times. My subjective impression was that I spent half of the time waiting for people getting ready to fight, which they then did very slowly. Maybe I got the PAL version by accident...

    This generation has been very dire indeed for JRPGs.

    Do you not think that JRPGS just don't suit the capabilities of this gen? I find a lot of what makes a JRPG a JRPG is just tradition left over from older games. RPGS these days should have worlds as large as Oblivion and with as much choice as Fallout 3.
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