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    otto wrote:
    Well obviously that's what I meant! Unless you think I meant that a jpeg looks brighter than a bunch of zeroes and ones! :D


    Ha ha - I had every confidence of your knowledge in this area Otto - just the distinction between raw and jpeg sometimes trips people up when they start so I wanted to hi-light it.

    If I were Zomoniac I'd concentrate on the basics of playing with shutter speed, aperture and ISO in jpeg first before adding the complexity of raw processing - sort of levels the playing field between shots if they stick to a single jpeg default.

    That said I know you are a jump straight into RAW as you'll be doing it in the end kind of guy Otto!

    Imagining you as master in a photo dojo right now with a selection of aggressively long lenses hanging on the wall behind you (and a Leica - obviously)...
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