#9444784, By MIckelsenWhiteLTD Playstation Store Down?

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    Even if you could get on, I wouldn't bother trying to download anything. The speeds are horrendous. It took me four days to download ME3 this week. The Network Test gives me 1.5Mbps on both my Vita and PS3. Multiple tests on speedtest.net on my PC and Tab2 (both wireless) give me a consistent 16Mbps so it's not my ISP. Also downloaded a few demos from Steam and I get ~2MBps so that seems to be correct.

    I was going to play Sleeping Dogs but I need to download a gig patch before I can, so I'm going to learn Japanese instead. Might be finished downloading when I'm fluent.

    Can't wait for the 50GB downloads on PS4!

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