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    Gah. I have to post this here, because anywhere else I frequent will be seen by my opponents. THIS FUCKING GAME. I'm only playing a simple 3 player game, but the amount of paranoia, trust, deception and cooperation that I've been through has left me an emotional wreck. And it's not even been 10 turns (days) since the game began. I'm in the weakest position by the numbers, but I reckon the guy in 2nd place thinks that he's in a safe alliance with both of us. He promised me help in my attack on the central star, but backed out at the last minute, despite my recently improved scanning skill revealing his reinforcements on their way. It is obvious he means to betray me. Well, I will have the last laugh. It is late at night and I have the advantage of surprise. In the morning, he will wake to my concentrated fleet bearing down on his industrial planet that he though was behind safe lines. I have calculated the impossiblity of him being able to turn around his fleet in time. By the time he manages to get something there, I will hold the star and have an extra +1 weapon skill over the +1 I already have (and he will be without the +1 that I promised to trade to him). THE FOOL!

    And that's what Neptune's Pride does to you.

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