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    Cosquae wrote:
    Smuggo wrote:
    Cosquae wrote:
    He gets cash! *sniffs* It's ok...

    Don't you have a buddy key buddy to buddy up with?

    /wires imaginary space cash to Cosquae


    Yeah, that's true. I think it only kicks in once I take out a subscription. Still on the trial account so no free month for my buddy yet (and no industrial ships for me, since that's not available to trial accounts)

    You don't have to wait till you sign up to get help. In fact it's in the interests of the buddy to help you/give you money as you're then more likely to sign up! :D

    Cosquae - I think Sev is your buddy but he's having some issues at the moment.

    Pinky - Sorry I've not really had a chance to catch up with you yet.

    Both of you - check your wallets ;)
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