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    CaptainQuint wrote:
    Ignoring (for now) the horrible lag online, has anyone else noticed how basic the multiplayer interface and lobby functionality is? There appears to be no region filtering options whatsoever; the post-game carnage report looks like it was thrown together with Microsoft Word, and the stats themselves are only the most rudimentary things like Kills, Deaths and Assists. There doesn't appear to be anything which allows you to look at other players profiles/stats etc; you can't see who has a mic and who does not (in-game), and just how the hell are you supposed to mute noisy American fuck-wits, of which there seems to be more than normal?

    Playing this online takes me back about five years. I hope they update it with the basic functionality we've come to expect. Or maybe it's my fault for normally playing everything on Xbox Live.

    When you press start while ingame you can mute any person you dislike, you can also do it in the lobby by selecting the options off a player. For the stats you go in your profile to see you multiplayer stats, singleplayer stats and global stats.

    Pretty straightforward really.
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