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    Kano-11 wrote:
    Just finished the game. The ending was sort of an anti-climax imo. The weapon wheel and the leveling up of weapons is utter genius. My only grip with Resistance 3 storywise is that(This is really just nitpicking)You have to invest all this time getting to like Capelli when you've spent the last two games following Nathen Hale's story and his struggle with the virus. I always felt Resistance would have been a trilogy following Hale's struggle with the virus. R3 just seemed to be a offshoot story within the whole Resistance universe. I know it was meant to be, i mean where do you go after you kill your protagonist from the previous 2 games?. IMO killing Hale in R2 was a big mistake. The whole ending from R2 could have been handled better.
    Overall I really enjoyed it BUT I'm still trading it in - the multiplayer has never done anything for me and i can't find much replay value out of it other than trying to get most of the single player trophies.

    But you do like him in the end though :)

    When he's in new York and broadcasts that message to his wife i really was engaged in his story. And then with that battle against the spider bots i kept killing everything and just when i was running around looking for health i thought i died but then help came along. Cliché as hell but i enjoyed it.
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