#5744861, By SlightlyMagic Tories: "Gaming destroys childhood" and is to blame for Edlington attack.

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    The case of the boys who tortured other children in Edlington should in his view be a wake-up call. This isnt an isolated case, its part of a pattern, he says. In some areas, the way in which society should work has been inverted instead of wisdom being passed from mother to daughter or father to son, dysfunction is being handed from one generation to the next.


    Politicians also need to do more to deal with alcohol abuse. We are an alcohol-obsessed country, more than almost anyone else in the world, but in Westminster they are terrified of doing anything about it. They are scared stiff of upsetting the electorate. I would hope Cameron is brave enough to confront that. Alcohol is every bit as dangerous as illegal drugs. You can argue that its more dangerous than heroin because its easier to get.

    I'd agree with both quotes actually but that doesn't mean he didn't take a cheap shot at games in between, which diminishes him in the eyes of the young and educated (IMO). Why didn't he say that children shouldn't be exposed to content not suitable for them before a certain age? Everyone I know wouldn't deliberately expose their children to content rated above their ages, so why did he say that no-one cares?
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