#5745112, By SlightlyMagic Tories: "Gaming destroys childhood" and is to blame for Edlington attack.

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    Sorry didn't address that, yes he's not blaming games, they are merely one of the "social ills" mentioned in the interview, and as you say without the transcript who knows what context that quote relates to and whether he intended it to look like a like it did. My gripe is just that I don't think that IDS was very clever with the games quote regardless of context :)

    The main irritation is not the GTA bit, but the 2nd sentence where he said noone care's about ratings. Despite perceived opinion I suspect there are a fair few million parents who do care, and might be a tad insulted at the implication they don't. I'm not a parent and I care about them and will care about them if I become one.
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