#5756541, By MoFo BT Homehub accurate to 2cm!!!

  • MoFo 26 Jan 2010 22:19:15 282 posts
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    This is what the BT salesman informed me this evening. Now I've been using wireless broadband for around 8 years and I don't recall a time when I thought, "I wish my wireless broadband was just a few cm more accurate."

    Anyone got a scooby what this guy was talking about?

    He also went on to tell me that BT are upgrading the broadband in my area so if I happen to notice any BT vans driving about then that is what they're doing. Well no actually I haven't noticed any for months but its interesting to know that all they'll be doing is upgrading broadband and not anything else useful like fixing telephone lines.

    But hey if I were to "upgrade" to BTs 16Mb service I am informed that my line has been tested and I would get a real world speed of 9Mbs. Well thanks but having just run my own tests I can see that my existing provider is givong me 16Mbs, so thanks but no thanks.

    Idiot monkies.
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