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  • RyanDS 13 Jan 2013 13:37:04 11,780 posts
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    10 hours in and this game is utterly fantastic.

    But why oh why did they fuck up so badly by making this on the Wii? All I can think of every second of playtime is that this game is a 9.5/10, but would be one of the best games of the gen if it was on a console that could do graphics that did justice to the art style and had a decent controller.

    The graphics I can overlook, but fuck me the wii is shit for anything other than party games. (The wii mote anyway, still trying to track down a classic controller.) Trying to press any buttons other than the trigger and the A button is an excersise in frustration, and controlling the camera is a fucking nightmare.

    It is good to see a JRPG with a cast of character that I don't hate though.
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