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    PearOfAnguish wrote:
    Yeah that's a good deal but I don't want to spend 25 per month. 10 is fine, I'm happy to pay more for the phone, I was already considering buying one SIM free.

    Is there a way to display calender entries on the home page of Android phones? I really like the feature on Nokia handsets.

    I really like it. I've come from S60 to WM, back to S60, to iPhone and then this. I've only had it less than a day but so far I've been really impressed. It's really snappy. The screen is gorgeous (indoors - outside in sunlight it's pretty terrible, as are all OMLEDs). Some of the market apps are really nice. The google apps just work.

    Games I've found (on initial inspection) are lacking compared to the iPhone. But then I don't do much gaming on my phones tbh.

    The calendar entries was something I was after too. I only went to iPhone from S60 once intelliscreen (unsigned jailbreak software) came along. I couldn't manage without upcoming appointments/reminders on my lock screen.

    Android offers various looking calendar widgets you can pop on a home screen. It has a agenda view, or a single upcoming appointment view which is smaller (these might be HTC specific widgets). However, it doesn't natively display upcoming appointments on the lock screen, which is a real shame imo. You can install Flyscreen which allows you to add widgets to the lock screen, but sadly the calendar widget (only one at the moment) is just a month view. You still need to tap on the day to see what you've got on.
    In this respect, I'm a little dissapointed - but there's lots of people (including me) asking for a better calendar widget on the flyscreen forum.

    There's some really good contract deals to be had online. I got mine for 5.99 for the phone then 18mths at 25 for 300mins, 300txts and unlimited web. From mobilephonesdirect.co.uk - I think it's now actually free on this tarriff with them.
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