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    If you want to remove the crap that Orange pre-load on the HTC Desire, just follow the steps outlined in this posting:


    The process looks a little complicated (especially when you look at the instructions for creating the GoldCard), but I did this over the weekend and from start to finish the whole operation took about 15-20 minutes. To create the GoldCard, I used the memory card that came with the device (just copied over my photos then got Windows to reformat it).

    Trust me, if you have a Desire from one of the networks on contract, this is worth doing. You end up freeing a load of memory on the device which can be used for your apps (rather than the chaff that Orange or T-Mobile feel you need to have). The phone should also be a bit smoother and run a bit faster... double bonus.

    I was actually quite shocked when I got my device to find that Orange had gone to the extent of creating a whole new UI to overlay across Sense... I mean, come on!?

    Also, if you want to activate Google Navigation (for turn-by-turn sat nav), check out this link:

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