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    crashVoodoo wrote:
    not sure if the incredible s has an encrypted bootloader. might be worth looking into this prior to purchase if rooting and flashing roms is your thing.

    Looks that way

    This lockdown is something new at HTC so the androidpolice contacted HTC at CTIA. They were told it was from carrier pressure. If the Incredible S is an unlocked GSM device, how could a carrier cause this? It sounds like they could be fed up with warranty claims of bricked phones from failed mods. Motorola adopted this same strategy last year. I had heard that there were a lot of claims for bricked Droids and that was most likely the cause for their change of heart. Either way, it sounds like this will be the norm for HTC moving forward.

    Surely if they leave the bootloader unlocked, there will be less bricked handsets. Samsung and SE are the way to go imo.
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