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    Im so sick of running out of space constantly on my Desire, it's really pissing me off.
    I was thinking of rooting it, but after reading through a couple of 'simple' step by step procedures I realised that it's too complicated for my tiny brain :'(

    I held off for a long time myself but it really isn't that complicated.

    Use unrevoked, follow a wiki for the Cyanogen mod for Desire and you can't go wrong.

    Thanks, I will try but its all a bit scary for somebody who isn't very technical!!

    Be careful of this. I put cyanogen mod 7 on my desire only to find that Apps2SD was not supported.
    Had to use an alternative called Darktremors which was a pain to get working.

    There is an app you can get from the market called simple2ext or something like that, its made for cyanogen roms and allows you to move apps to the ext partition.
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