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    infoxicated wrote:
    Does rooting bring any improvements in battery life?

    I've had my Desire Z since the tail end of November and it's stock as far as firmware goes. Ever since the Android 2.3.3 update a month or so ago the battery life is just brutal. I just don't get anywhere near a full day out of it at all if I watch podcasts on it during my commute (they're set to download during the night when it's on charge), and even listening to music will mean I have to recharge it during the day at work to ensure it lasts the evening.

    I've checked to see if anything is obviously murdering the battery, but it's always the screen and core stuff taking the lions share - no apps are the culprit. I even have GPS switched off and will turn of wifi when I'm out and about, plus my screen brightness is down at about 10%.

    The amount of time it now spends "processing" when switching in or out of apps just seems that the HTC flavour 2.3.3 upgrade is, in the main, shit.

    Yes it should do, because you can use apps such as SetCpu (which allows you to choose the speed you want the cpu to run at, the lower the speed, the better the battery), you can also install different kernels which also have an effect on the battery life.

    I think with all Android phones, it is the screen that really drains the battery, happens on both my desire and s2 :(
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