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    Had to re-download the beta from the history and it worked. Managed to have a quick game and while I know its only a beta I didn't think it was very good.

    Connection issues - this will probably be fixed for the full release but it doesn't inspire confindence. Even when I re-downloaded the beta I got disconnected from the server twice while playing.

    Gameplay - its taken the basic cover system from splinter cell conviction and gears and works well in most areas.

    Graphics - again I know its not the final build but it could look better and what's with the muzzle flash? As soon as you fire the gun it hides most of the target your aiming at.

    Will I buy it? Hard to say from a beta but if the sp campaign holds up well and the muzzle flash gets reduced then its a yes as I really enjoyed the sp in graw 1 and 2.
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