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    I recently picked this up on the cheap.

    I'm not overly impressed by the campaign. It works and is fun when the game allows you to be stealthy, the synchronised kills are great.

    But it seems to keep wanting to turn into a fast paced action game, and that's where it falls down. As soon as it goes into 'action' mode its a bit shit...

    My squad run on ahead and kill almost everyone before I even see them, so if I want to actually shoot people I have to be really aggressive and virtually run and gun, which the game mechanics aren't designed for. It's clearly a game where you're supposed to take your time, checkout the environment, then attack. But half the time it doesn't let you do that.

    The camo thing is inconsistent, sometimes it won't turn on, other times it turns off for no reason as I'm sneaking around, which gets me killed. The cover system is ok, but at times won't let me move position quickly on a piece of cover, which gets me killed. Or maybe I'm just shit at it.

    I'm don't think I'm that far into it just blown up a russian
    missile base thingy in the snow
    . I don't know if I can be arsed playing anymore, does it get better, or continue down the action route?
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