#5806002, By montywithnail Broken iPod Touch Touchscreen

  • montywithnail 9 Feb 2010 11:55:48 430 posts
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    I've searched the first few pages of the apple/mac/ipod sections and found nothing these lines, so here goes.

    Has anyone had their iPOd touch or iPhone screen completely stop working? I got a 64GB for christmas and on Sunday night it just stopped. The real buttons work but nothing on the touchscreen is responding.

    I have soft reset a few times, reinstalled the firmware via iTunes all to no avail.

    Online I've seen some reports of parts of the screen stopping working but never the whole lot in one go.

    Does anyone know what the apple store require in terms of proof of purchase to reapair/replace kit? Anyone got anyother suggestions of waht to try???
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