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    We saw this last night. I've liked all of Snyder's other movies, bar Sucker Punch, so was keen to see this one. I'm not a huge Superman fan, but liked the original two movies. The cyborg from three still gives me nightmares and I thought Superman Returns was as dull as ditchwater.

    Firstly, we need to change the law so that buckets of popcorn and bags of sweets need to be finished with before the film starts. Or the rest of the audience can kerb-stomp you, you greedy, noisy, cunts.

    My fiancée just doesn't watch Sci-Fi, has never seen another Superman movie, and doesn't want to. I have never heard her snigger so much through a movie as through this... God knows why; she even found his real name amusing.

    Anyway. Liked it, and really liked the fact they went with a different feel. The backstory is well handled, just peeking in unobtrusively, and Costner is great in the few scenes he's in. The opening prologue goes on a bit and felt more like Avatar in moments here and there. It outstayed its welcome a bit, and looks jarring more often than impressive. I like Crowe and at least he isn't singing in this...

    Loads going on, and it does feel like you're ready for the destruction derby in the final third, by the time it comes around. I like the darker tone, but thought the film was at its best before he's poncing around in the cape. The early scenes at the diner, etc, were well done, but the humour pretty much vanished after that. Needed more, and to drop the "American as apple pie" shite near the end.

    It's a fun palette cleanser for Superman audiences, but I can see it'll be devisive. Have to say the cast is pretty much great (although I wanted even more from Shannon as Zod). Henry Cavill is great as the lead and there's two shots in particular where he pretty much seems to be Christopher Reeve.

    Will see it again on DVD, but won't weep if it takes me a while to catch it again.
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