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    I had a great run this morning, very hilly! It was one of those mornings where the alarm was set really early. Last night it made perfectly good sense and sounded oh so lovely to start out just as the sun peaked over the horizon but it was impossible to get up on time and I slept for another 3 hours :-D

    I then reluctantly got my gear on and shuffled off, feeling groggy and lazy. 10 minutes in and already out of breath and wondering if lasts nights beer would prevent me from running. But, as usual, once I was about 15 minutes in I settled into a nice pace and it became a beautiful run. The day was quiet and the hilly valley in which I live was full of birdsong. I'm glad I didn't listen to music, sometimes it's nice just to be part of the sound of silence and the fall of ones feet.

    It was the hilliest run I've done, some hills were about .5km long and very steep, so would involve a forward leaning shuffle as opposed to an upright jog! An 12km run in total but the extra hills makes it feel like a longer run and all the more rewarding. Just as I got in the door it started raining so I can settle in a for a nice lazy afternoon on Sunday in front of the fire :)

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