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    Advice please.

    I run about 3 to 4 times a week, up to 10k. My crappy little MP3 player broke and I need to replace to mainly use for running.

    Options are cheap Sandisk, iPod nano or iPod touch. I have iPod touch 2nd gen so could take that out but no doubt this will die in next year plus it's our only ipod we have.

    Nano looks good and has Nike + built in so quite fancy trying this, never used Nike plus. Down side is nano is basic and has a new connector for charging, by the time i get adaptor its the same price as the ipod touch 4th gen. The 4th gen touch is the last chance to get iPod touch with the connector that works with the dockers in our house.

    As sad as it sounds really not sure what to get. iPod touch seems a wee bit big to run with and tempted by nano's Nike plus built in.

    Help me eurogamer, you're my only hope.

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