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    I wrote before how my knees were getting sore and was worried I'd do some damage or overdo and prevent myself from running. I ran anyway, couldn't resist, and found whilst my knees didn't get any more sore on the run itself afterwards they'd be increasingly tender when going up and down stairs.

    Anyway, fellow Olympians, I went back to a running person (does deep tissue massages and running reviews, guess one would call him a running coach - he's unbelievably brilliant). He could point out the lines of muscle in my thighs that would pull on my leg, he could also show how they were fairly well balanced which suggested my technique was still OK (which he had previously transformed). He then proceeded to do some incredibly painful massaging to the muscle with his elbow on the knee and up each line to my hips. Wow! What a difference, all soreness and tenderness completely gone during and after running.

    He basically advised that someone running a lot would need this done every month to avoid injury (his explanation was way more detailed than that but that's what I took away, to go back again). Hopefully that's helpful to you.
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