#9670562, By Nike+ - New EG challenges

  • Deleted user 21 June 2013 13:26:41
    Just passed the 500 mile mark for the year. That places me slightly ahead of where I need to be to hit 1000 miles total for 2013. I've started increasing the miles by doing a "long" run of increasing length at the weekend. If things carry on as they are then I'm (stupidly) planning on trying out for some longer runs next year. My target for this summer would be to hit a 50km run in one go (Skipton to Leeds along the canal). If I can do that then I'm going to try some of the pieces below.

    I'm not bothered about times, I'm more interested in entering the kind of events where finishing is in itself the main achievement. So, I've earmarked (all for next year):

    Leeds 1/2 marathon (already signed up)
    Windermere marathon (looks fun)
    York marathon
    Run On Water (Leeds to Liverpool, 127 miles race)
    12 Labours of Hercules
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