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    Some of these have just made me cry with laughter. :D

    Only two of my own that I can think of:

    Quite along time ago when the PS2 first came out, can't remember what game it was, but I remember I kept trying to do one thing over and over again and failing every time and dying. After about a dozen tries a litterally turned into a feral rabies-ridden animal, I foamed at the mouth, dived for the left analogue stick, vice-gripped it with my teeth and swiftly procceded to rip it out of its socket. I think I even roared as it popped out.

    The second was more recent and involved the ever rage inducing MW2. Some camper kept killing me over and over and as a vengful person I continued mindlessly to get his blood. Just didn't happen. The final straw was the game winning kill he got on me coupled with his tag 'ownd'. After a few moments of silence, my cat trotted over to me and gave me a sweet little meow. I screamed hard an inch away from her face. She doesn't really like me anymore.
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