#5837951, By Edge_san What are YOU driving?

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    lordofdeadside wrote:
    AngeleDei wrote:
    Toyota Celica, red, fast and very comfy.

    However its mpg is not so hot (about 30 - 35) and as I'm using the thing a lot (60 miles a day), it will be getting traded in very soon for something totally different like an Aygo (looks and goes like crap, but 70 mpg).

    Used to have a Honda VF500 F2. 0-60 in under 3 seconds, (nearly fell off the back first time I opened the accellerator gently) looked and drove amazing.

    More Celica love here! I drive an '02 Celica, lovely car although the insurance is a killer.

    Me too! I drive an '03 Celica T-Sport
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