#5838334, By paulfurn What are YOU driving?

  • paulfurn 17 Feb 2010 20:11:33 237 posts
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    Indeed it is matey! Twin turbo - eats the petrol for fun if you take the piss with it, but suprisingly effecient if you take it easy.

    Its only now after 108,000 miles that things are needing replacement. Had it for 80,000 miles and no problems to speak of... replaced the power steering rack in Jan (2nd hand, 100) and replaced brake caliper with a refurb unit (70). No engine problems (apparently in test was driven for 24 hours straight with no break in driving and no problems - trying to find the article to confirm this right now!) and I'm planning to refurb turbos (I guess Im trying to pre-empt any problems as opposed to try and deal with it when they blow!) but only when I get a bit of savings accrued!

    Was going to get rid for a Porsche Cayman late last year, but as my fiancee and I are looking at emmigrating (will have a 6 month contract in Barcelona perhaps going permie) there's no point now really.

    Dreading putting fiancee on insurance and leaving her with it whilst Im away though :)
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