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    FWB wrote:
    Is it me or do the tanks drive like Ferraris?

    In World of Tanks, the panzers' speed characteristics are almost equal to their real prototypes' specs. However, we have increased a bit the vehicles' speed, acceleration rates, turret rotation and reloading rates. Otherwise, it would be extremely boring to command your vehicles and it would hurt the action aspect in the game deeply. We tried to reach perfect balance between realism and gameplay, because once either of the parameters is just a bit too much, the game would lose its X-factor. Thus, World of Tanks is not a hardcore simulator where you’d have to spend minutes learning how to get those huge panzers at least moving and aiming. The game’s difficulty should depend on applying your tactical skills and coordinating moves with your teammates not struggling with overwhelmingly complicated controls. At the same time, we have implemented a sophisticated damage model which allows using peculiar tactics against different vehicle types or even deal higher damage to a particular tank model knowing its weak points. We even have terrain effects, we calculate shell travel time, we have destructible objects and many other great features that make game realistic. Each panzer's module has its own individual specs that correspond to their real prototypes.
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