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    The game assumes micropayments, so players can invest money into some bonus content. First, this is a premium account, which gives +50% to credits and experience per battle to the owner. The premium account is a very comfortable option for players who donít have enough time for their favorite game, therefore, it will give them a chance to progress faster. However, this account will not give you any advantages in battles. The only advantage here is your saved time. Second, players will also be able to purchase premium tanks. These panzers are not top ones and are introduced only to give a player the feeling of a specific tank class and help them decide whether to invest their time into this branch of a tech tree or not. And finally, we will offer our players to use some custom features for their pets like personal drawings, insignias, clan emblems or custom camos.

    Players will not be able to buy top tanks for money. We are making the game about panzer legends and players should deserve the right to drive those legends through tense fights, not money investing:). We think it is fair.
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