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    Dr_Mech wrote:
    You will have to suffer through the Tier IV T-28 though, which I can best describe as the Sammo Hung of World of tanks, its a big fat bastard but with a fully upgraded engine it really gets a move on and the gun does alright. I went through it when it had the 85mm though, which meant it had some real punch.
    Everyone has to suffer through tier 4. If it's not the T-28 it's the B1, AMX-40, M3 Lee, Pz38na, et bleeding cetera.

    The T-28 can still do some reliable work with its long 57mm, which has good accuracy, penetration, aim time, and fire rate, but it's a giant soft target, and if you get into tier 6 matches there are things that can explode you by just looking at you funny.
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