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    Smuggo wrote:
    They always seem to fuck around with multiplayer on release. Civ 3 had no online multiplayer when released and you had to buy play the world to do that, and I'm pretty sure it had no hotseat or PBEM either.

    I do like Hotseat but in Civ it can be an arse as the early turns don't take very long, which means everyone is running back and forth all the time to the PC.

    Yeah, I don't know how well Civ hot seat would work if you wanted to play a competitive match. We play it as a sort of coop game, especially since I have a lot more experience. So, we're both at the PC all through it, we discuss what's happening etc. Works pretty well and keeps the player who's not in his turn reasonably involved.

    (Also, the AI discussion can fuck off, honestly. It's just as stupid and irrelevant as it was in the review comments thread.)
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