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    I suspect that the combat system was not completed early enough in development to allow for many tests of the AI behavior. It should get better in the expansions.

    Still, I had fun with my games in the past few days (without ever finishing one). My favorite, a game that I would like to try to complete, was one that I set up with Pangaea, Tiny map with as many civs and city states as you'd have in a Small map and King difficulty.

    Augustus and a city state declared war on me and we had a lot of fighting at our common border. While the AI's tactical incompetence is the only thing between me and a defeat, I still find the combat more enjoyable than in Civ IV. Because of the difficulty level, I really struggle to keep them at bay and I've lost a few units. To be fair, I am no tactical genius either, so that helps. But it's fun and tense, with a lot of troop maneuvering. I like it.

    I've also decide to not use any exploits:
    - No early attacks on city states to steal their workers
    - No accepting of surrenders where the AI gives me his entire civilization
    - No deliberately built killing boxes that take advantage of the AIs tactical weaknesses

    I think I like the game, even though I do have some problems with it (I think that science moves too quickly, while unit building is too slow; I think that some of the effects of buildings cities are poorly treated and annoying, like losing my ability to build something that requires a barracks in every city, or suddenly having to build a lot more culture in order to gain another policy; city state quests need to be more interesting). I'm just enjoying playing it, and not just because of the addicting nature of it.
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