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    mwtb wrote:
    marilena wrote:
    I think that science moves too quickly, while unit building is too slow

    I think this is an inevitable design response to the removal of stacking. It does mean that you need to cherish and upgrade units. The relative expense of units could work very well if the diplomacy was better able to represent limited conflicts (I want that city/resource/area). As stands, if you come at it from an old Civ mindset where churning out units is a valid tactic then it does feel like they've taken away your toys.

    No, it's not that, I actually think it works ok in terms of what toys you have. The problem is that sometimes units expire just a bit too quickly. For instance, in my game as America, I built only one Minuteman before advancing to Riflemen. It just feels awkward in that regard.

    I also find the first part of the game a bit slow, with most buildings requiring 20 turns or something.

    Smuggo wrote:
    However, with the AI being unable to effectively use the new military strategy, and multiplayer being broken, it does kind of fuck up one of the things I was most looking forward to in the game.

    As I was saying, at least at the moment, it still is fun for me. The AI may not be brilliant, but I do need to work hard and maneuver well just to stay alive, because of the difference in overall power between me and my opponent.

    I know it's not the biggest consolation but still... it's not as bad as some people say.

    I am sure that the MP will be fixed in patches soonish, along with the other bigger problems. I'd be surprised if the improved tactical AI would come so fast, though.
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