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    JoeBlade wrote:
    is it me or is the Civ5 expansion adding the exact same things the Civ4 expansions did? That feels a bit cheap, I'd hoped they would add a few more entirely new concepts instead :(
    And I never liked espionage in Civ. There, I said it.
    The expansion adds some elements that were also in Civ IV by name, but they are very different as mechanics - in fact they have absolutely no similarity.

    I have the same opinion as you on Civ IV espionage, but the new one seems pretty cool and micromanagement free. Among other things, you can find out in advance if an enemy is planning to declare war on you, you can manipulate a city state's friendliness... Seems more interesting than having your water poisoned every other turn by some random civ that wasn't even at war with you.
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