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    hiddenranbir wrote:
    @Joeblade I don't want another Civ4. I just want a Civ5 that isn't a sub par(and broken) tactical war game with a sub par(and broken) empire building element, when it should be the empire building game that is the measuring stick for the rest of the generation. The fact Civ4 is still that measuring stick says a lot (and it isn't even as if Civ4 was my personal favourite, either!)
    "Broken" is word that people love to throw around these days.

    The tactical element is not broken and neither is the empire building. The AI is not a genius, but it's not as unplayable as what you see in older games of this type. It's... functional. The gameplay is as addictive as Civ has always been, although I feel a bit more abstract. There's no feeling that there are people in the game's world, which is a bit of a pity. I'm also not a big fan of the diplomacy system, but overall I still think that the game is far, far from broken.
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