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    hiddenranbir wrote:
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    The whole city sprawling is back in a way that, again, makes it one way guarantee.
    This bit, at least, is complete horseshit. Civ V is by far, out of all Civ games, the one where your number of cities is not the clearest indicator of how well you're doing. You can win the game while only having 3-4 cities, which I wouldn't even dream of in Civ IV.
    The coliseum nerf won't slow me down for long. I still beat you with more cities, because the return on research and gold outdoes anything else. Not to mention the fact the city defense buff just makes city building more attractive as a giant web of artillery.
    I think I'll need to see you play to get an idea of this city sprawl powerhouse that you describe.

    I'm an Emperor level player, so obviously I've still got a lot to learn, but I haven't heard people complain about city sprawl in a long while, even though I follow the CivFanatics forums with regularity.
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